This Comedian Depicts What It is Like Growing Up Latino in America

 - Apr 7, 2016
References: instagram & nymag
Dominican and Puerto Rican comedian LeJuan James has become a social media star for his videos depicting what it is like growing up Latino in America. Video content is extremely popular among Hispanic consumers and as a result, there is a strong demand for content that Hispanic individuals can relate to. This comedian produces videos that perfectly capture the challenges of growing up Latino in America.

James originally started posted his comedic videos on Vine and then gradually moved to Facebook and Instagram. His videos often poke fun at familiar situations experienced in Spanish-speaking households. The videos largely appeal to those living in multicultural households, trying to navigate the challenges of maintaining Hispanic values and adapting to American culture. James perfectly captures this feeling by dramatizing different familial characters and rattling off Old World phrases that will be understood by Hispanic viewers. The result is an audience of more than 1.3 million followers on Instagram.

James' comedic videos demonstrate how brands needs to recognize the unique needs of consumers who straddle two different cultural worlds.