Gro Plant Formula Employs Bark-Derived Material for a Modern Image

 - Mar 27, 2013
References: davidisinger & packagingoftheworld
Unlike the surprising number of gardening products that have a relatively clinical appearance, Grō Plant Formula packaging has been infused with the perfect balance of earthiness and clarity. Designed to assert itself as fresh and different, the carton would stand out on the store shelf, despite its lender form.

Cork cladding covers both of the broadest sides of the box, taking the shape of a square with one missing corner. The image might remind you of the techie symbol for an SD card; it's marvelously minimal and modern. The front and back edges of the container feature easy-to-read black text on white. Grō Plant Formula packaging clearly describes the type of flowers to which it's best suited and outlines its ingredients on the rear.