The Magic Green Homes Let Fans Build Replica Hobbit Holes Anywhere

 - Dec 25, 2015
References: greenmagichomes & weburbanist
The house pods designed by Magic Green Homes are a series of spherical domes that can be used to create a replica Hobbit Hole virtually anywhere in honor of the mythical race popularized in The Lord of the Rings books and films. The pods are designed to be embedded into the landscape to create an exact copy of the grass-covered houses seen in Peter Jackson's films.

Magic Green Homes has created a series of composite laminate panelled domes that are creatively structured to be embedded into lush green landscape and overgrown. The domes can be purchased by consumers and shipped to the location where doors and windows can be attached. The interior can be customized with wood finishings and individual decor while grass grows ramped overtop of the structure -- just like the homes in the Shire.