From Grill-Cleaning Robots to Aging Simulation Suits

 - Jan 14, 2016
The robots at CES 2016 were among the top innovations in terms of their technological advancement, functionality and entertainment. The robotics industry is no longer restricted to the world of sci-fi films and books. Many robots at CES 2016 were designed to help with typical daily chores, like the Grillbot that scrubs out the barbecue after food is prepared and the Gourmia Multifunction Robotic Cooker that stirs ingredients to ensure a delicious final product.

Going even further in terms of creativity and ingenuity, the R70i Aging Experience gave attendees a view into their future by providing a robotic suit that simulates the aging process. Finally, providing companionship and a method of transportation, the Segway Robot was unveiled, acting as a personal assistant when it's not transporting its driver from point A to point B.