This Surreal Photo Series is Inspired by Skateboarding

 - Oct 1, 2015
References: instagram & wired
LA photographer Mike Dempsey has created a surreal photo series that makes his subjects look as though they are in gravity-defying positions.

Scrolling through Dempsey's Instagram account reveals his love for skateboarding and photography, which are the inspirations behind these images. When photographing skaters, Dempsey's goal is to capture the moment they are about to land a trick, while showing off the risk involved.

This photo series applies Dempsey's skateboarding tactics and attempts to capture precise moments in which his models are in the most surreal or gravity-defying positions. Surprisingly, 90 percent of Dempsey's photographs are not digitally altered. His trick is using a intervalometer, a camera attachment that controls shutter intervals over a given period. This allows Dempsey to capture the exact moment that his models are in mid-air.