Packaging for Connoisseur Gourmet Ice Cream is Crisp and Decadent

Connoisseur Gourmet Ice Cream recently tasked The Key Branding with developing a new look for its decadent frozen treats. With flavors like Murray River Salted Caramel with Macadamia, Kangaroo Island Honey with Pistachio and Sumatran Coconut, it's evident that these ice creams take influence from flavors around the globe.

Instead of taking the packaging for Connoisseur Gourmet Ice Cream in a direction that highlights the worldliness of each flavor, the wrappers and boxes were given a crisp black backdrop that features a bold "C." The letter on each different type of ice cream is adapted to resemble each ice cream type, with a few luxe touches like metallic ink detailing and spot varnishes on the food illustrations.