These Naturally Complex Sprays by Lush Change as You Wear Them

 - Jun 8, 2013
References: lush
Summertime is a great duration to update your signature scent, and if you are looking for a deep and complex scent that is naturally made, Gorilla perfume from Lush offers you a world of wonderful smelling options.

The Lush Gorilla perfume collection is made up of nine seductive scents that are like nothing you have ever smelt before. The smells were inspired by the British countryside and poetic plants.

Like all Lush products, the Gorilla perfume line is environmentally conscious and good for your body. Some of the delicious ingredients used to create these aromas include orange, tangerine, sandalwood oil blend, espresso, French cigarettes, whiskey, jasmine and vanilla.

These truly revolutionary fragrances are perfect for wearing every day. You can switch them up and mix them together to create your own blend of intoxicating swirling scents. My personal favorite Gorilla perfume scent is called ‘The Voice of Reason,’ because if you ask me it smells like Paris.