Google RAISR can Zoom and Enhance Digital Images

 - Nov 16, 2016
References: research.googleblog & digitaltrends
Google RAISR is a new piece of deep learning software that turns a previously corny-seeming trope into a possibility. Fans of procedural crime dramas will no doubt be familiar with the stock scene in which a detective continually zooms in and enhances an images to see impossibly fine details. While this cliche was once teased in the computer science and photography communities, Google RAISR is bringing it closer to a realistic scenario.

The RAISR system upscales images without using aliasing, resulting in clear and undistorted zoom on images. The RAISR system works through the use of machine learning; Google effectively teaches the algorithm what finer-quality images look like, and RAISR can then automatically apply those lessons to new images.

Though image enhancement isn't new, the RAISR system is the first to do so while also resizing the image -- plus, it works as much as 100 times faster than competing algorithms.