Google One Makes Cloud Storage More Intuitive and Easy

 - May 16, 2018
References: cnet & digitaltrends
The new Google One subscription service has now officially replaced the Googe Drive Subscription service and offers up more options, cheaper price points and a new brand. This replacement won't completely do away with Drive, but will instead relegate it as a Dropbox-style service. This will allow the Google One service to be the primary cloud-storage option for Google users, which will also allow for more storage space to be purchased. The standard storage amount will come in at 15GB, but paid options can range from 100GB to 30TB.

Google One does more than serve as a replacement for Google Drive, it also updates the company's storage features as well as implements a new design. Instead of spreading storage over multiple applications, Google One will now house all online storage from Drive, Gmail and Google Photos, and can be easily managed from the Google One app. The new app will also provide 24/7 support via phone, chat or email.

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