Robocar is an Autonomous Vehicle Taking on the Goodwood Hill Climb

 - Jun 27, 2018
References: newatlas & cnet
At the 2018 Goodwood hill climb, Robocar will mark a momentous occasion in history as it competes as the first autonomous vehicle to ever tackle the uphill race. The event will see the autonomous racecar make the 1.16-mile run with zero human interaction and relying on nothing but its own sensors and systems.

The vehicle itself is the first of its kind, as the first fully autonomous racecar built purely for performance normally reserved for human-operated F1 cars. Robocar weighs just 3,000 pounds and is powered by a 181-horsepower electric motor. Its autonomous features are driven by lidar, radar, GPS and a host of other sensors.

The Robocar Goodwood hill climb will be available to viewers across the world via a YouTube livestream. Those lucky enough to attend the event can visit the Speed's Future Lab where an immersive VR experience will be run letting users witness the hill climb from the car's point of view.

Image Credit: Roborace