The New York Times T Style Gone Girl Photoshoot is Visibly Isolated

 - May 8, 2015
References: nytimes & tumblr
The New York Times T Style Gone Girl photoshoot offers up a highly isolated look at model Julia Bergshoeff. Photographer Karim Sadli shot this abandoned set that included bungalow-style homes and lush overflowing greenery.

Stylist Jonathan Kaye matched the solitary nature of Gone Girl with ivory knit dresses, ribbed cut off sweaters and low rise bikini bottoms. In each ensemble, a 'less is more' emphasis was seen. This matched the production's outdoor setting and the season that Gone Girl caters to.

Hair expert Damien Boissinot did an excellent job of making it appear as if Bergshoeff was fresh out of the water in each snapshot. Whether pushed back or hanging loosely, wet tresses frame the brunettes face perfectly.