This Gold Tissue Paper Brings Beautiful Natural Detail to Presents

 - Feb 18, 2015
If you receive a gift that's wrapped in this gorgeous gold tissue paper, you wouldn't immediately consider the recycling bin after the contents have been uncovered. Nicole Phillips has designed an elegant pattern of delicate plumage that would make any purchased product or generous present look fine and fashionable. You'll want to remove it carefully from the bag or the box, and lay it out flat for later use.

The custom printed wrapping paper is a diaphanous white with gilded illustrations of birds' feathers. You can see every straight and wavy barb that escapes from the shaft, executed with intricacy for an exquisite finished product. Even such fragile and single-use materials as this gold tissue paper have a demand that must be met, for those hoping to provide the most positively memorable experiencing of unwrapping a special gift.