This Coffee Packaging References the Silhouette of the LA Canyons

 - Nov 15, 2016
References: thedieline
'Canyon' coffee is decorated with gold foil and labeled in a way that references its name and origins.

Although the coffee beans for this brand are sourced from Chocajau, Guatemala, the brand itself is based in LA. To reference this fact, it named itself after the LA Canyons. The branding was designed in a way that reassures the consumer of its artisanal background and the hand-applied processes that it takes to make this coffee. The only standout labeling on the packaging is the rose gold foil line on it, which was designed to imitate the rugged landscape of the LA canyons.

This coffee branding is simple, contemporary and has an artisanal aesthetic that leaves no question as to where the beans' and brand's origins are.