The Gods of the Internet Pantheon Series Pokes Fun at Online Activities

 - Apr 11, 2014
References: collegehumor & neatorama
If 'American Gods' by Neil Gaiman was mandatory reading in high school, someone would have probably thought up Gods of the Internet Pantheon a lot sooner. The book posits that Gods exist where beliefs lie, and in modern times that essentially revolves around a lot of technology with the World Wide Web at the forefront.

In this case, the Gods of the Internet Pantheon series depicts a deity for all of the different aspects of cyberspace activities. From Sharemes the God of Viral Sharing to Jupvoter the God of the Front Page and Faprodite the Goddess of Desire (who specializes in selfies), the illustrations and explanations are hilarious. They were created by Caldwell Tanner and Nathan Yaffe for College Humor.