Global Trends 2025

 - Nov 21, 2008
References: trendhunter
The Global Trends 2025 report has been released and while it offers great insight into what to expect 16 years from now, it doesn't give detail on upcoming trends for the new year like our 2009 Trend Report does.

"Global Trends 2025, a new report written by the US National Intelligence Council (NIC) ahead of President-elect Barack Obama’s inauguration, envisages a future world marked by diminished US power, dwindling resources, and more people."

The Global Trends 2025 report gives incredible insight into the major global shifts we can expect, like the rise of economic power in China, greater risk of nuclear weapon use, food demand increasing by 50% and anticipation of a global pandemic.

They expect new technologies and alternatives to fossil fuels, but the BBC says, "All current technologies are inadequate and new ones will probably not be commercially viable and widespread by 2025."

For some clues into some influential breakthroughs we can expect in the nearer future, check out our professionally researched 2009 Trend Report, compiled from global crowd-sourced insight.