'Glassify' Offers Customers Discounts with Use and Collects Big Data

 - Jun 30, 2016
References: glassify.me & techinasia
'Glassify' is the name of a two-piece system from a start-up in Tel Aviv that uses an app and a smart beer glass to collect consumer insights in return for incentivized promotions and discounts.

At the bar, consumers are able to order their drinks as usual and once served, they have the ability to use their phone to scan one of the smart beer glasses. These glasses have built-in NFC chips on their bases that are compatible with QR scanners. At this point, consumers will be prompted to download the Glassify app if they have not already.

As well as providing real-time analytics to a bar about drink preferences, consumers are able to redeem rewards for using Glassify such as complimentary drinks, chasers and food combos. So far, Glassify has been incredibly successful in increasing a consumer's consumption by offering incentives.