The 'G3DP' Prints Glass-Blown Objects Like Drizzled Hardening Honey

 - Aug 27, 2015
References: technabob & fastcodesign
MIT created the first of a new class of glass printers that include kiln cartridge -- heating glass to 1,900 degree levels. Once at this temperature, the glass can be essentially squeezed out of a nozzle, drizzled down to layer itself and can be used to rapidly create glass-blown objects.

Using molten glass as a medium, this invention has so far created decorative objects like vases or prisms that will be showcased at the Cooper Hewitt in NYC. However, the potential for this machine goes much further than art. The idea is for glass printers to create large facades for buildings or even fiber optic cables.

Looking toward the future, anything that can now be made into glass has the potential to capture solar energy. While this invention may reduce the market for glass-blowing artists, it also encourages of the development of glass solar-panel technology as well.