Girls on Bikes Questions One's Perception of Such Scenes

 - Sep 9, 2011
References: insaland & hypebeast
On the surface, what's not to love about the Girls on Bikes series? You've got attractive, scantily clad women, stylish bicycles and a backdrop of awesome abstract street art. Some may never look past this superficial appreciation of these photographs, though they have of course been staged quite deliberately.

Graffiti artist INSA has placed a pair of hot pop culture icons together in front of his arresting murals. By doing so, the dynamic of the three bold elements initiates a conflict of the viewer's attention, resulting in the inevitable depreciation of his own graphic masterpieces.

The choice of incorporating two-wheelers as mainstream commodities and models as over-sexualized subjects brings about themes of consumerism, sexuality and the possession of public space in Girls on Bikes.