Paying Tribute to the Second Smurfs Movie Recently Released

 - Aug 1, 2013
There has been much hype about the second Smurfs movie. The mainstream iconic blue characters are popular on screen, but they have also influenced other industries outside theaters in terms of style and design. Taking a look at the fashion industry specifically, it’s clear to depict that the Smurfs are in fact inspirations for many items, hairdos and art.

While cartoons are often associated with children, many Smurfs-inspired items are targeted towards adults. For instance, the Smurfs silhouette watch from Parisian boutique Colette is no dinky toy watch—the $115 watch has an all-over simple Smurf print that is not exactly childish.

Alexsandro Palombo, a digital artist, created a whole Smurf village of modern day’s prevalent fashionistas. This artwork featured on a blog called Humor Chic Exclusive, consisted of familiar faces like Coco Chanel or Karl Lagerfeld—completely Smurfified. In this way, the cartoon characters are incorporated to suit the tastes of adults.