These Gin and Tonic Cookies Will Tide You Over Until Happy Hour

While these Gin and Tonic Cookies may be alcohol-free, they certainly contain plenty of sweetness and expert detail. Featured on the food blog 'The Decorated Cookie,' these sugar cookies have been decorated in honor of the popular and classic gin and tonic. Adorned in white fondant with lime-green sprinkles, these Gin and Tonic Cookies are absolutely adorable.

Using edible markers, the ingenious chef adorned each of the Gin and Tonic Cookies with an expertly drawn glass of -- you guessed it -- gin and tonic. The illustrations include some ice, a straw and a slice of lime. These cookies are the perfect substitute for those times when sitting back and relaxing with a refreshing drink in your hand simply isn't feasible. For this sweet and appealing cookie recipe, check out 'The Decorated Cookie' blog.

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