The 'Ghosts of the Dead Abyss' Argus Figurine is Eerie

 - May 21, 2012
References: shop.toyartgallery
Artist Skinner has lent his talent to the Toy Art Gallery to create the Ghost of the Dead Abyss Alien Argus figurine. The miniature monster model is based of the Greek mythological beast with 100 eyes.

The sculpture, created by Mark Nagata, features three individual eyes on top of long scaly stalks. The body is barrel shaped with round globules covering the surface of its skin. Mark Nagata's attention to detail alongside Skinner's adept painting skills has made for a model that could very well be an accurate depiction of the monster.

The Argus will be available in two different color hues, metallic blue, purple and red on a base of black vinyl or metallic gold, red and orange on a red vinyl base. Fans of otherworldly creatures will want to add this beautiful piece to their collection when it is released on May 18th, 2012.

Pictures Courtesy of The Toy Art Gallery.