The Gerlan Jeans Bomber Jacket is a Total Trip to the 90s

 - Jan 30, 2014
References: gerlanjeans & shop.vfiles
This Gerlan Jeans jacket sums up some of the most fantastically tacky aspects of the 90s aesthetic.

Recently, fashion and pop culture have started to obsess over the 90s. That means taking ideas from cartoons, silly slang, obnoxious sayings and even clothing styles. Even French label Chanel showed a recent couture collection that involved metallic fanny packs.

This Gerlan Jeans sport jacket has a number of crazy poppy images on it. On the one side of the front is a skull in neon green, which vaguely resembles the Crypt Keeper. On the other side of the front is "RIOT" in rainbow graffiti writing. Running up and down both sleeves are other graffiti-like words, some in black and others colored with blue and purple. On the back is a drawing of an orange bear that is clearly supposed to look like a Care Bear.