From Cannabis-Themed Platform Sneakers to Rainbow Raver Footwear

 - Jun 8, 2015
The platform shoe may have been birthed in the late 60s, but these nontraditional platforms show just how far the funky shoe style has come.

Contrary to the basic style of earlier platform shoes, these nontraditional platforms show off an array of cool innovations. Illuminating alien-themed platforms feature soles filled with miniature alien objects that glow in the dark. Other themed platforms include Y.R.U's unicorn-themed shoes that showcase a white three-inch unicorn horn in the center of the shoe's tapered toe. These platforms go on to include various multi-colored options such as the Chariot Platform and the Dream Rainbow Platform. Both platforms exhibit a rainbow pattern on the chunky sky-high heels.

These platform shoes may not resemble the earlier innovations but they are just as stylish and widely accepted.