George Katsanakis Captures Lusty and Lewd Behavior in His Work

 - Aug 7, 2011
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While some photographers struggle with how much sexuality they want to feature in their shoots, George Katsanakis is not one of them.

Based in Athens, Greece, George Katsanakis is a shutterbug with an eye for capturing lusty models in poses so sexual they deftly toe the line between high-end fashion photography and unvarnished eroticism.

But he manages to do so, carefully giving his models the leeway to be overtly sexual while still retaining the aura of a high-brow fashion editorial. His ability to blend style, sex, and attitude in his editorials have made George Katsanakis one of the most coveted photographers in his native Greece.

With shots as organically sexual and stylish as the ones in his selected portfolio, it shouldn't be long before George Katsanakis' talents are requested by major fashion brands across the world.

Additional photo credits: ShockBlast