Nervous System's 'Geode Puzzles' are Unique Like Natural Agate

 - Nov 3, 2017
References: n-e-r-v-o-u-s & wellandgood
While there are many nature puzzles on the market, Nervous System sets itself apart by producing the 'Geode Puzzle,' each of which is unique and created by a computer that makes variations in shape, pieces and image. Inspired by the natural formation of agates, the computer-generated puzzles feature colorful bands that create stunning patterns within one another.

The puzzles are made with birch plywood and once all of the pieces have been assembled, there are crystal-shaped cutouts that can be seen in the finished form.

As each piece boasts a "dense, maze-like cut pattern" assembly might prove to be more challenging than putting together the average puzzle. However, the experience should be just as enjoyable and calming to the mind.