The Gas Stations in Space Could Store Rocket Fuel for Missions

 - Mar 9, 2014
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Scientists at MIT have come up with bold ideas for a cost-efficient gas station; what’s special about this particular design is that it’s intended for gas stations in space that store rocket fuel for lunar missions.

Currently, lunar missions carry a supply of fuel meant to be used in emergencies. However, this fuel is usually unused and is wasted.

The MIT team proposes that rockets on their way back to earth drop off their unused fuel at the galactic gas depot. This fuel can then be used for future missions heading to the moon. Transferring fuel between the depot and the spacecraft could be done manually by astronauts or by using a robotic arm. Tank-to-tank fuel transfers would be trickier because of the absence of gravity in space.

If this idea comes to fruition, it will not only decrease fuel wastage but also reduce the amount of payload rockets have to devote to carrying fuel, leaving more room for science experiments.