Limitless Entertainment's Gary the Gull Employs Pixar Principles

 - Apr 20, 2016
References: vrlimitlessltd & fastcocreate
Gary the Gull is the first VR program to come out of Limitless Entertainment, a VR company founded by Tom Sanocki, who spent 11 years working at Pixar before this venture. It's clear by these few images that Sanocki was greatly influenced by his time at the revered animation studio. Yet that influence reaches beyond the style of animation to the way he runs Limitless.

Of course, Gary the Gull is worthy of all the attention. With impeccable animation and smart humor, the character itself draws people in. From there, the interactivity of the program is amazing. Gary the Gull doesn't just respond to your voice, but also to you movement. If you come too close, for instance, he flies away briefly. He likes his personal space.