Zhichao Cai's 'The Rebellion of Heaven' Series Depicts Chaos and War

 - Nov 2, 2013
References: zcool.cn & behance.net
Zhichao Cai's work on 'The Rebellion of Heaven' series is absolutely stunning in its exploration of a futuristic war. The digital drawings have such intensely intricate details that one could spend hours noticing every little thing. The illustrations include massive robotic-killing machines and warriors riding into battle.

The futuristic war that Cai has developed is rich with depth, which helps make it so spellbinding. The characters that he has created have a style about them that is akin to the ancient samurai warriors. With deadly sharp spears and what is perceived to be heavenly powers, the battles rage on as the clouds encapsulate the setting.

Cai's ability to create such a captivating piece is remarkable. The time and skill that it takes to develop this type of digital painting is unreal.