This Project Asked Designers to Imagine the Future of Milk

 - Aug 11, 2015
References: en.lamilkfactory & psfk
The latest exhibit at the LA Milk Factory asked a number of students and professional designers to imagine the future of milk. While milk is a common household product in many Western countries, it is not generally thought of as an artistic medium. This new artistic display takes on the beloved dairy product and presents it in interesting and unique ways.

The exhibit is titled 'Designers Reinvent Milk' and the goal of its participating artists is to rethink milk in any form imaginable. While some designers sought to make milk a more sustainable product, others chose to infuse the beverage with high-tech devices. The resulting designs included cutting-edge pieces like recyclable bowls, experimental flavor kits and even udder-shaped fountains.

The lacteal reinventions provide a whimsical take on the future of milk and how changing consumer preferences may alter the beverage.