Benderbrau is a Homemade Brew Based on the Futurama Bender Character

 - May 1, 2013
References: imgur & thatsnerdalicious
Those of you who are fans of the anarchist Futurama Bender robot, you may be familiar with the episode of the TV show when he made his own beer called Benderbrau.

Brew master Chris Wilcox took it upon himself to recreate that exact beer, staying as true to the original recipe as closely as possible so that it's deliciousness can be tested in real life. Creating the exact same labels as on the show makes the beer look like the real deal and completely hides the fact that it was made in a tin bucket on the kitchen floor.

Any beer drinkers who are dying to know what the Futurama Bender brew of beer actually tastes like can follow Wilcox's step-by-step guide to make their own.