The Fulcrum Crutch Converts to Conform as Recovery Equipment

 - Jul 13, 2012
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For those lucky enough to use crutches on a temporary basis, the road to recovery will gradually have you requiring less support from your external prosthetic devices. The Fulcrum Crutch takes a patient's improvement into account, unlike many examples of assistive medical and physio-therapeutic equipment.

This clever apparatus can be adjusted to change from a forearm style support to a cane. The idea is that the sufferer of a broken leg or a twisted ankle might begin with two walking sticks with the supportive cuffs and progressively graduate to a single stick with a comfortable handgrip.

Arman Kirim's ergonomic Fulcrum Crutch reduces the need for more pieces of specialized clinical accoutrements and it bridges the gap to better aid people throughout further stages of their recuperation.