From Amputee Fins to Robotic Walking

 - Aug 31, 2012
These hi-tech prosthetic legs give amputees the chance to not only do the things that non-amputees can do, but perhaps even give them the chance to do them better.

Watch out Michael Phelps, because the Neptune Swimming is one prosthetic giving those without legs the chance to conquer the seas in style and swim faster than ever.

Hi-tech prosthetic legs and their use in sporting events has been a hot topic for debate over the last bit as technologies improve, but sports isn't the only realm looking to change the way we think about legs. Now there are fashionable prosthetic legs that are made for heels and even top designers like Alexander McQueen have made faux legs for amputees models like Aimee Mullins in their shows. His happened to be a gorgeous pair that were wooden with a pirate-esque quality to them.