Trevor Prideaux Upgrades His Prosthetic Arm with an Android

 - Oct 27, 2011
References: telegraph & gizmodo
Trevor Prideaux didn't let the fact that he was born without a left arm deter him from embracing and enjoying modern technology. In fact, at this point, the 50-year-old Brit is probably more effective with his use of smartphones than you or I. He's part-cyborg, after all.

The native of Wedmore, Somerset, Prideaux complained that he's always found it awkward to use his cellphone due to his missing arm, and his only two options were using a table or delicately balancing the device on his prosthetic arm. But recently, he was pitched the idea of permanently embedding his cellphone into his appendage by technicians at the Exeter Mobility Center. A cast was made of Trevor Prideaux's Nokia C7 and a charging dock was integrated into his laminated fiberglass limb.

According to the newly-minted cyborg, "I think this is the first time this has ever been done in the world - and it is brilliant."