Fronana's Fruit Ice Cream Turns an Indulgence into a Healthy Treat

Although the majority of the frozen desserts that Fronana makes are banana-based, it offers one fruit ice cream variety that is made instead with a base of mangos.

Fronana's Mango-Pineapple dessert is sweet and citrusy in terms of flavor, making for a refreshing frozen treat. Fronana prides itself on making frozen desserts that contain no added sugars or artificial ingredients, as well as offer four servings of fruit in each pint.

With many consumers swapping out their favorite comfort foods for plant-based alternatives, a number of inventive ice cream alternatives have emerged over the past few years that are made with everything from creamy avocados and bananas to nut milks. With its fruit-based ice cream products, Fronana challenges consumer perceptions of desserts and asks: "what if dessert could be good for you?"