Marelene Huissoud's Series 'From Insects' Uses Unique Materials

 - Jul 17, 2014
References: marlene-huissoud & dezeen
Raised by a family of beekeepers, Marlene Huissoud is not fazed by insects. In fact, she was inspired of them for her series of furniture, titled 'From Insects.'

Huissoud uses materials naturally produced by bees and silkworms. This includes a biodegradable resin sourced from honeybees that use it as a hive sealant. Beekeepers remove the material in small quantities (less than 100 grams per hive per year), making it a treasured material. Another material, which Huissoud refers to as "wooden leather," is fashioned from silkworm cocoons.

She explains, "I am interested in the viability of utilizing insects and their waste streams to create future craft artifacts. Already science is exploring the potential of insects for food production and to satisfy our future dietary needs; however, I am primarily interested in using insects as co-partners in the design process."