Share this Friendship Necklace with Your Two Best Buds Who Share Your Sass

 - Dec 4, 2013
References: pixiemarket
This saucy swearing friendship necklace is perfect for your tight trio of badass best friends. Show your love and that you have each others back's; nothing can break up you and your besties.

This friendship necklace from Pixie Market comes in the shape of a heart. It comes apart to be three separate necklaces for you and your two trouble-starting friends. When put together, the words "Best B****es" is engraved into the gold-metal heart. The separated pieces come with an already attached silver chain on each one. 

Get these for your clique this holiday season to show those other girls at school you three are a pack. Staying together as best B’s is what will make you top dogs in your circle. Wear these with you at all times to remember not to steal each others boys or be too harsh when one of you wears Uggs.