The 'ARA' Converts Freezer Frost into Potable Water

 - Nov 9, 2016
References: yankodesign
Freezer frost is usually defrosted and allowed to go to waste, so the 'ARA' is designed to help turn this valuable H2O into fresh drinking water. Designed by Jimmy David Apolo, the 'ARA' works by featuring a distillation unit on the interior that monitors the level of water available to drink. When the device detects that 20% of the water is remaining in the reservoir, the 'ARA' goes work by melting ice and filling its tank to ensure drinking water is always available.

The 'ARA' aims to help turn wasted moisture into drinking water to effectively ensure that even unassuming water sources like freezer frost aren't overlooked. In a global environment where water scarcity is becoming a real concern, the 'ARA' device could help to be a great way to store water from ambient sources.