Fortress Clothing Wicks Away Water in -30 Degree Celsius Weather

 - Jan 20, 2017
References: fortressclothing & digitaltrends
Fortress Clothing is a winter outfitter with a serious commitment to keeping people warm through the coldest months. Since one of the best ways to stay warm in winter is to stay dry, Fortress Clothing has developed a proprietary material that is incredibly effective at wicking away water from its wearers' bodies.

In order to prove that efficacy, the company's 'Director of Warmth' put Fortress Clothing's new line of 1/4 inch clothes to the test. He and a team cut a hole in the ice at the Huntington Reservoir in Utah before proceeding to jump in while wearing the gear. After being pulled out, the clothes pushed the water away from his body so quickly that he was able to stand and carry out an interview, and he felt dry within minutes.