Tamara Orjola's 'Forest Wool' is a Sustainable Vegan Material

 - Dec 5, 2016
References: tamaraorjola & fastcodesign
Tamara Orjola, an industrial designer from Russia, has developed a sustainable vegan material called 'Forest Wool' that is made entirely from pine needles.

Pine trees are the most common source of timber in the world, with 600 million trees cut down annually in the EU alone. But while the timber industry makes good use of pine wood, the pine needles go to waste. This is especially shocking when one considers that the needles account for up to 30 percent of a pine tree's mass.

Learning about the status of the world's pine needles, Tamara Orjola created Forest Wool as a way to make use of them. Forest Wool is actually a broad project, comprising several materials. It includes wool, of course, but Orjola has also created composites and paper through the Forest Wool project.