These Clever Illustrations are the Perfect Foodie Guide

 - Sep 2, 2013
References: buzzfeed & designtaxi
These amusingly accurate food pronunciation illustrations are the perfect foodie guide to help expand your knowledge of the gourmet world. The clever guide is written by Rachel Sanders and designed by Chris Ritter, and it features many of the mispronounced food names from various cultures.

With tricky names like pho or foie gras, you can immediately boost your authenticity as a foodie with this series. Food is such an integral part of every culture around the world, and with the numerous multicultural areas in North American, many of these words are constantly being said wrong.

Heading to a fancy restaurant can be an intimidating thing to do for those afraid to have a misstep in front of their educated friends. With this foodie guide you can be the one showing off their excellent cultured knowledge.