Olfaguard's E-Nose Finds Foodborne Illnesses in a Mere Matter of Hours

 - Oct 10, 2017
References: olfaguard & springwise
This nanosensor is designed to detect foodborne illnesses in just hours and prevent a widespread outbreak of contagious and deadly diseases. Olfaguard is an Israeli company established by marine biologist Pierre Salameh that uses nanotechnology based on the electric nose by Professor Hossam Haick. Olfaguard developed the e-nose in an endeavor to stop sicknesses caused by food distribution, such as pathogens like E-Coli and Salmonella.

The new sensor unit, which is still under development, is capable of returning 94% accurate test results in 6 hours. This is much faster than current methods, which can take up to 3 days and uses expensive lab equipment. Solutions like this one address global health concerns as foodborne illnesses and the spread of infection pose very real threats to developing communities and densely populated city centers.