The 'FARMERS MARKET' Food for Dogs is Made with Natural Ingredients

The number of consumers who identify with the 'foodie' lifestyle is only showing signs of increasing, so the 'FARMERS MARKET' food for dogs is formulated to offer the same quality to pets.

Created by the Real Pet Food Company, the 'FARMERS MARKET' pet food features ingredients that are all-natural and real to provide optimal levels of flavor and nutrition.

The branding for the 'FARMERS MARKET' pet food is the work of the Saltmine Design Group and highlights the various benefits that the food for dogs has. The 'FARMERS MARKET' pet food is created using Australian-made recipes and has each package emblazoned with vibrant imagery of the delicious varieties. The free-from pet foods help to enable foodies to give their furry friend the best in nutrition without skimping on quality and taste.