This Food and Agriculture Pavilion Will be a Major Attraction

 - Feb 4, 2014
References: michaeljantzen & solarfeeds
The California Food and Agriculture Pavilion, a design concept drawn up by Michael Jantzen, was created for tourists to enjoy and to sustain and celebrate the wonderful food and agriculture within California, as well as the future of production from the state.

The shape of the structure is based on a contour map of a California hill. There will be six large vertical axis wind turbines that are mounted on top the structure. The turbines will generate electricity which will be used to partially power the pavilion. There are also lots of photovoltaic solar cells mounted around the pavilion adding additional electricity from the sun.

Rainwater collects from the pathways that run around the pavilion and will be stored to use around the structure. The area surrounding the pavilion will eventually be developed into outdoor plazas and exhibits depending on limitations. The interior is developed as a large open space, so people can view the wide variety of changing agriculture and food exhibits.