Jule Waibel Unveils a Mary Poppins-Inspired Fashion Collection

 - Jul 28, 2013
References: dezeen & core77
For her Master’s thesis in the Design Products program at the Royal College of Art, Jule Waibel designed a collection of folded paper clothes and accessories.

The project, titled ‘Entfaltung’ (German, meaning unfold/expand/develop), features a yellow dress, green expandable bag and an orange umbrella. These three adjectives do well to describe the three items that comprise the project: the dress adjusts and expands with movement, while the bag and umbrella expand. The accordion-like structures are fabricated from Tyvek, a synthetic paper that is waterproof, lightweight and tear-proof. Inspiration stems from Mary Poppins and her magical handbag, as Waibel has always been fascinated by the array of objects that fit into the bag (a hatstand, plant, etc).

Waibel presented her project at Show RCA 2013.