'100BIO' by Tag Packaging is Capable of Being Composted

 - May 25, 2016
References: onehundredbio & homecrux
The amount of waste produced by humans is reaching epidemic proportions, so the '100BIO' foam food container packaging is designed to revolutionize how we do things. Made from Ingeo, a sugar-based bioplastic, the '100BIO' material is designed to decompose when given the chance to go back to the Earth rather than sticking around for hundreds (or thousands) of years.

The '100BIO' packaging material is the work of Tag Packaging and was used to create a collection of 16 foam food containers that includes everything from cups, to sushi trays. Zero harsh chemicals, heavy metals and carcinogens are evident in the manufacturing process to make '100BIO' a more sustainable choice for brands to utilize.

One of the best features of the '100BIO' material, aside from the inherent eco-friendly aesthetics, is how it is capable of keeping food fresher for longer periods of time.