FlyOver Canada is Offering an Immersive Tour of the Country

 - Jan 11, 2018
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Exploring all that the Great White North has to offer is a dream for most, but the time commitment and costs associated with travel are enough to deter even the most avid adventurer, however with FlyOver Canada's immersive 4D experience, individuals can experience the wonder and excitement of travel without leaving their seats.

After strapping into one's chair, individuals will find themselves suspended 20 meters in the air over a state-of-the-art screen. Accompanied with effects that stimulate all five senses, this experience invites guests to dip into Niagara Falls, Marvel at the snow-capped mountains and soar over bustling urban environments. The immersive journey takes guests from coast-to-coast, as they experience the best shots accumulated from over 100-hours of footage.

Unlike other video-based experiences, this one eliminates subtitles or voice overs, ensuring for a realistic and immersive event.