'Flowmagic' Helps Freelancers and Employers Align on Time

 - Apr 4, 2018
References: flowmagic.co & producthunt
With modern connectivity making it easier for a young generation of workers to provide services remotely, many Millennials are embracing the freedom of a freelance lifestyle; Flowmagic is a platform that makes it easier for both freelancers and their employers to trust in the work that's being done. The platform helps freelancers to accurately track and manage their time spent working on projects, and it gives employers a transparent view of where their money's being spent.

There's nothing complicated about Flowmagic, which is part of why it's so appealing to freelancers. The time-tracking is as simple as pressing a button when one gets started on work and pressing it again when finished. The interface then shows workers how much time has been spent on each of the projects they have in the hamper.