The Toaster Pastry by 21st Amendment Brewery Boasts Pop-Tart Aromas

 - Aug 21, 2015
References: 21st-amendment & consumerist
Foodies searching for ideal beer flavors to pair with their breakfast can look no further thanks to brewery 21st Amendment's creation of the Toaster Pastry with notes inspired by Pop-Tarts. This sweet-tasting beer is a refreshingly light and bitter in tastecomplete with stylistic bright red packaging.

The Toaster Pastry beer is brewed by 21st Amendment in a San Francisco factory that use to belong to Kellogg Co. The beer is an attempt to pay homage to the previous owners, with sugary sweet notes and aromas found in the brand's popularized toaster pastry product. The beer will be released at the brewery's opening party in sleek red 19.2-ounce cans and will be potentially available to the public afterwards. The Toaster Pastry beer is among many brews recently inspired by sugary breakfast foods.