Jenny Hanivers Still Delight and Shock Fish Fans

 - Apr 24, 2009
References: cakeheadlovesevil.wordpress & pinktentacle
This is why I love Japan: Even to this day, while shopping for seafood you are still able to buy Jenny Hanivers. A Jenny Haniver is a creature created by fisherman that, frankly, looks like an alien.

Jenny Hanivers are actually a form of marine taxidermy where the bodies of skulls and rays are dried in this macabre and scary way. In most other parts of the world, these brilliant creations can only be seen online.

While we're on the subject of freaky fish, I had to include a few lines about this other fish market alien. It is claimed to be a species never seen before but I am not so sure if this could just be a fish monger's idea of PR. See video here.