These Dried Japanese Blowfish Fins are a Tasty Traditional Delicacy

 - Jan 31, 2017
References: japantrendshop & dudeiwantthat
The pufferfish is known the world over to be a poisonous fish that is a favorite delicacy in Japan, so the Dried Japanese Blowfish Fins offer the ability to try a taste without the risk. Being that the poison in a pufferfish is found in other parts of the fish, the dried fins are completely safe to eat and are purported to have a distinct taste that is subtle yet complex.

The Dried Japanese Blowfish Fins come in packages of ten and are dehydrated when they arrive to the customer. In order to rehydrate them, the fins are recommended to be placed in a cup of warm sake for several minutes in order to prepare them for optimal consumption by curious foodies around the world.